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The Original Fantasy: A Naming

At first glance the blog title The Original Fantasy may seem a bit odd, if not a little arrogant. But I chose it for two reasons.

I have been writing fantasy since I was thirteen. It was then I discovered one of my favourite authors, Isobelle Carmody, had started her book, Obernewtyn, at aged fourteen. If she could do it at fourteen then I damn well could at thirteen! My biggest fantasy at the time was that I would get to meet Isobelle in person, that I would be able to talk to her about how inspiring she was, how much I wanted to write like her, and ultimately, that she would be able to view my work and be proud to know she started me on my journey. This was the original fantasy twelve years ago, and one I realised in April 2011 when Isobelle accepted me as a writing mentee for a twelve month mentorship. The manuscript we have been working on for the past ten months, Priori - The Power Within, was none other than that story I started when I was thirteen. 

The second reason relates to what Isobelle was most anxious to impart on me during the mentorship. The ability to write a story that said something original, in a genre that had so many clich├ęs and carbon copies. Take the competent and make it unique.

So The Original Fantasy seemed apt as a title.

The mentorship has been everything I hoped for and more, it was an honour to be accepted as a mentee for Isobelle has been known to refuse several other writers in the past based on their samples. Isobelle is the author of over 30 fantasy novels for adults and children. She has such a wealth of knowledge and to have her share that understanding specifically with Priori has been invaluable. 

One thing I have learnt over the years is that a lesson never really sticks until you try to explain it to someone else. So that is the purpose of this blog, to make the lesson stick, to pass the knowledge on and to give other budding fantasy writers an idea of the little details that make all the difference between a good story and a great one. It’s not all fantasy based, a lot of advice applies to manuscripts in every genre. Fortunately for you (though possibly reputation damaging for me!) you get to see live examples of all the various oversights I made in my own manuscript and the reason why they need to change. 

Thank you to Isobelle for filling my head with lessons and making me always strive for the simple and the true.

About Emily

Emily Craven was first inspired to placed pen to paper when she was 12, after she learnt her favourite author, Isobelle Carmody, began her first novel at 14. Emily finished the first draft of her fantasy and travel novel manuscripts while completing a Bachelor of Science (Space Science and Astrophysics) at the University of Adelaide.

Her non-fiction piece entitled “Insert Hope Here”, a reflective piece on the digitisation of books, was published in the Australian literary magazine Voiceworks #84, ‘Pulp’. In the 2012 Aurealis Awards she was awarded the Kris Hemsbury Award for an emerging speculative fiction writer. For the last twelve months she has been mentored by world renowned fantasy author Isobelle Carmody, and is blogging about the lessons she learn at The Original Fantasy Blog.

For three years Emily has talked to experts from around the globe, including successful indie authors, publishers and the heads of online e-publishing giants. Concurrently she sought out expert mentors in the fields of internet marketing, social media and webinars, gathering all their combined knowledge and applying it to e-books, writing and publishing industry. This research resulted in the E-Book Revolution Blog (http://ebookrevolution.blogspot.com) where she talks about e-books and author marketing.

She has spoken on marketing and e-books for the Australian Society of Authors, If:Book Australia and the National Young Writers’ Festival in Newcastle. At this year’s Adelaide Writers’ Festival she created and facilitated Adelaide: Choose Your Own Adventure, a project run with If:Book Australia. This involved forming a team of writers to pen fictional choose-your-own-adventure-stories based in the Adelaide streets. These stories were accessed by scanning a QR code on posters located around the CBD with a smart phone to reveal the story. Currently she is blogging for If:Book Australia and Meanland and was invited as a guest blogger on Isobelle Carmody’s month long launch site for her e-book, Greylands.

Always striving to challenge herself, Emily wrote her first play (Jake’s Page) which was accepted into Urban Myth's Out of the Boot program (SA). The play was dramaturged by Caroline Reid, and produced in June 2012.

Emily has two YA comedy titles set in Facebook and one non-fiction title available as e-books, why not check them out? http://emilycraven.bkclb.co